Thursday, September 25, 2008


As some of you will know, BSi are due to publish a new Code of Practice for Risk Management in the Autumn - BS31100. I have had the pleasure of being a member of the committee that is drafting the CoP. It has been a time consuming and challenging process, but I really think that we are beginning to get some traction with a good document. Yesterday we had what was billed as the last editing meeting to review some comments from one significant stakeholder (who shall remain nameless). Essentially their aim was worthy - to ensure that the document is not onerous or overly bureaucratic. Something that some of us believe that we had already achieved anyway!

The aim is still to get a standard out in late September/early October. I expect the standard to be of interest to those who have only ever played with risk management so far, and potentially to those in a sophisticated supply chain where you want to know that others in that chain are reasonably sophisticated in risk management.

I should add of course that this is a Code of Practice, and not a mandatory standard. Although claims of compliance will have to based on proper compliance and deviation from the standard would have to be justified.

The intention is that in due course there will be various practice guides, for example for SME's or perhaps for specific industries.

BSi will run an introductory conference. Together with another organisation, we will also run introductory workshop sessions - if anyone is interested in hearing more, let me know.

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