Monday, January 25, 2010

Management Rheumatism

I have been thinking about the need for a cure for what I describe as Management Rheumatism: a disease that typically occurs in older organisations, where the need for security (and therefore control) far outweighs the ability to embrace and implement change. For more see here...

Feedback welcome, as always!

Risk Appetite - reality v. aspirations

I have a new paper on risk appetite which has been written following on from a discussion on LinkedIn about Risk Appetite. The on-line discussion was followed by a real discussion at the Institute of Risk Management ( The aim is to develop some practical guidance on the subject, which will be the subject of a follow on paper in due course. I am truly grateful to all those who took part in the discussion and especially to those who have allowed me to quote them in the paper. The paper is here...

I look forward to feedback: I thrive on feedback!