Monday, March 8, 2010

r-NXD's (this may be a UK-centric descriptor - but read on...)

Since I left PwC in 2001 I have firmly been of the view that risk management was going to be represented in the boardroom (or C-Suite) with a CRO type person. In the UK they would join the board, in the USA perhaps the C-suite. I am now seeing this come to fruition.

However, I am equally interested in the non-executive side of the equation. We need NXD's (non-executive directors - if that is indeed a UK-centric descriptor) who are business-savvy, numbers-savvy and now, I would argue, risk-savvy.

I would be interested to hear of examples of non-executive directors who have a business risk background in boardrooms with which you are familiar. Does that work? Do they add value? Is there a role? Do they help deliver the all important assurance environment?

I would also be interested to hear your views as to whether there is a need for what I am calling the r-NXD.

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